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100TPD Waste Newspaper Recycling Project


100TPD waste newspaper recycling project is a process of making waste newspaper into new and high quality paper for using. For the project, the waste newspaper firstly should be beat into pulp, then the fine pulp is made into high quality paper, so in the waste paper making proccess, pulp equipment and paper machine is very essential and vital.

100TPD Waste Newspaper Recycling Line

Waste Newspaper Pulping Line: Firstly, the waste newspaper is conveyed into drum hydrapulper for beating by chain conveyor, then the pulp will into the high density cleaner for removing heavy impurities, following the pulp will go into M.C. Pressure Screen for 1st stage coarse pressure screen, the reject separator will separate impurities in the pulp, the low density cleaner is to remove the small heavy impurities, then start out-flow pressure screen for fine pressure screen, subsequently the pulp will be washed by high-speed washer, and the go through the double disc refiner for continuous pulping, finally the pulp is conveyed into paper machine for making.

Waste Newspaper Making Line: The fine pulp is transported into paper machine, the pulp in the wet end form wet sheet, in the press section to be pressed for dehydration, then go into the dryer section for paper drying, after that, the sizing machine to size paper for improving paper quality, finally the high grade paper is made for culture paper, newsprint paper using.

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