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200,000T/Y Paper Making Project, Xinjiang, China


In February, 2018, for 200,000t/y paper making project, Xinjiang, China, Leizhan once again deliver the paper pulping equipment to Xinjiang paper mill, the equipment
contains 3500mm drum pulper, high density cleaner and low density cleaner.

High Density Cleaner& Low Density Cleaner

High Density Cleaner: Usually used after hydrapulper equipment for removing heavy impurities. Wear resistance ceramics cone, PLC control cabniet, long service life.

Low Density Cleaner: Usually used in pulp low cleaning system for removing small impurities. Wear resistant ceramics, stable deslagging and long service life.

3500mm Drum Pulper Equipment

Drum Diameter(mm): Φ3500

Production Capacity(t/d): 400-600

Working Consistency(%): 14-18%

Motor Power(kw): 560-630

Customer Information

Customer: Xinjiang, China

Time: February, 2018

Project: 200,000T/Y Paper Making Project