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250,000 T/Y Pulping Project

In Guangdong, Yaode Paper ordered our 250,000 tons/year complete set of pulping equipment to be used in their paper production line. Leizhan as a professional supplier of pulp and paper equipment can offer complete pulping equipment from waste paper pulping to paper machine rewinder. If you need paper making equipment, you can cooperate with Leizhan company.

250,000 T/Y Pulping Project Details

Delivery site: Yaode paper industry
Delivery date: Aug 18, 2017
Paper project: 250,000 tons/year pulping project
Ordered equipment: A complete set of pulping equipment
Delivered equipment: 3750 Drum Pulper

Since its inception, Leizhan has been growing and developing paper making machinery, providing customers with high-quality pulp and paper making equipment, and has cooperated with many paper mills around the world. If you want to cooperate with Leizhan, please contact us.
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