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Vietnam 220TPD T-Paper Making Line


T-paper making line contains paper pulping line and paper making line. For 220tpd t-paper making line, Vietnam paper industry purchase Leizhan complete paper pulping equipment, recently, Leizhan deliver some paper pulping equipment to Vietnam.

T-Paper Making Line Delivery

Project: Vietnam 220TPD T-Paper Making Line

Date: January, 2018

Equipment Delivery: D-type hydrapulper, Reject separator, M.C. pressure screen equipment, etc.

Paper pulping equipment and paper machine are the keys in t-paper making line, high quality paper pulping equipment can obtain fine pulp and high efficiency paper machine can ensure high quality t-paper making. Leizhan is a leading manufacturer of paper& pulp equipment, can provide the complete paper making line equipment, any inquiry, please feel free to contact us: