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1880mm Cultural Paper Production Machine

Cultural paper is also called A4 paper, writing paper or office paper. It is a must for people to work and study. People are in great demand for cultural paper. Leizhan is an experienced company with a professional technical team that can design excellent solutions for customers. From paper pulping, pulp screening, refining, etc., Leizhan provides a complete set of material preparation line equipment for wood pulp processing line cultural paper pulping line.

Cultural Paper Machine Technical Data

Raw material: Wood pulp, waste white strips, waste book paper, magazines and waste white paper with ink spots
Output paper: A4 paper, fine paper, carbonless paper, office paper, copy paper, writing and printing paper,etc
Trimmed width: 1880-3750mm
Basis weight: 40-80gsm
Operating speed: 200-1200m/min
Production capacity: 20-270tpd
Leizhan can offer the whole set of cultural paper production line machine. welcome to consult us for more details.
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