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Dr. Jin Signed Contract For 200,000 Tons Pulping Line

This signing injects new energy into the development of Dr. Jin’s new materials in the field of tissue paper manufacturing. Leizhan’s complete set of pulping equipment will enable the preparation of high-quality pulp for the eight high-end tissue paper machines in the two workshops of the first phase of the Xiaogan base, ensuring high-efficiency and high-standard production.

The equipment supplied this time includes a complete set of pulping equipment such as bale open conveyor, energy-saving eccentric pulper, RF new double disc refiner, broken pulper, JB agitator and so on. This set of pulp preparation and processing line equipment has the advantages of high efficiency, stability, and environmental protection. It can significantly improve the production efficiency of Dr. Jin’s pulping line and reduce production costs.

In addition to equipment supply, Leizhan also provides a series of after-sales services such as equipment installation and commissioning, operation training and technical support to ensure that customers’ equipment can be put into use smoothly. and is committed to providing customers with the most cost-effective products and services.