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Waste Paper Conveying Equipment Chain Conveyor

Leizhan is an enterprise focused on the research, development and production of high-efficiency papermaking machinery and equipment. The chain conveyor is one of the key equipment used in the paper making industry to transport various bulk or bundled materials. Our BFW type chain conveyor is mainly used for feeding waste paper and pulp boards to the pulper.

Advantages Of Waste Paper Conveying Equipment Chain Conveyor

1. The groove plate is stamped and formed in one step, with high strength and high impact resistance.
2. Closed conveyor chain plate can prevent material leakage.
3. The baffle plate is V-shaped and widened to increase the material throughput.
4. Conveying raw materials: waste paper, pulp board

Leizhan will continue to be committed to technological innovation and product quality improvement. The chain conveyor transmission device is divided into left and right forms. Users can choose the appropriate assembly form according to process design requirements.