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300T/15H Energy-Saving T-Paper Making Process

300T/15H Energy-Saving T-Paper Making Process

Energy-Saving LOCC Processing Technology for 300T/15H T-Paper Making

Firstly, Leizhan company adopts energy-efficient drum pulping system, which can gently pulping to decrease the secondary recycled fiber cut effect of pulp section, to ensure the index of the final paper.

What’s more, it will not break the physical size of impurities, and begins the preliminary screening in pulping section. It discharges light impurities in the slurry from system, reduce the load of subsequent screening process and improve screening effect.

Drum Pulper is equipped with stable and maintenance-free BFW series chain conveyor, it can realize the automatic control of pulping, thus guarantee pulp consistency and stable capacity.

Secondly, adoption of coarse screening and fine screening of Mid Consistency Pressure Screen can adapt to higher concentration, reduce white water consumption used for diluting the pulp, the optimized rotor lower  the power consumption and improve the efficiency of the configuration of Pressure screen;

Finally, the supporting use of High and Low Density Cleaner and tail pulp processing equipment like Light Impurity Separator, Reject Separator and so on adopt the best technology configuration and manufacturing precision, to ensure high yield pulp and high efficiency of the whole running line, and high quality of the final finished product.

The total power of the main equipments used in the whole pulping line is about 1106 KW, energy consumption of per ton of pulp is 55.3 KW. H, the actual power consumption is about 41.4 degrees/ton (bone dry pulp)