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Hydrapulper in Paper Making Process

hydrapulper in paper making process

As Hydrapulper paper pulping equipment is the main products of Leizhan company, we plays great emphasis on Pulper machine improvement and continuously research new type and most effective Pulper machines for paper plants.

What can influence hydrapulper operation?

Following is the five factors to influence the operation of Hydrapulper paper pulping machine in paper making process.

  • Effect of stirring or circulation rate

1. Crushing speed is usually proportional to the strength of the mechanical action.
2.  Stirring  is crucial to the pulping effect(if pulper circulation is not good, the production is unfavorable).
3. When waste paper under breaking, to make sure the paper sheet into the scroll area of Pulper.
4. Only under the impact of rapidly rotating blade,  broke and fiber group can be spread out.
5.  When the paper away from the rotational substantially peak zone into slow circulation area, fiber separation will not happen.

1.  Increase the rotor speed will improve fiber separation and recycling, but the energy consumption will increase a lot.
2. blade rotating speed increases, the impact to fiber bundle will greatly increased.
3.  at low rpm (= 3000RPM), only in a good cycle, the broke and fiber can be separated (but the separation of the fibers is not enough).
4. At high rotational speeds (= 5000RPM) condition, the slurry over time shorten one-third, the power consumption will increases 2/3.
5. Requires relatively higher rotor speed to make sure fiber bundle and broke paper have a good mechanical friction.

1. With rotor speed increases, the impact for fiber group will be greatly increased.
2. Impact force is proportional to the square of the speed of the rotor.

  •  The effects of temperature

1. For a given beating requirement, required energy of high speed rotor decreases with the increasing of temperature.
2. Temperature increase, the time and energy required for beating decreased.
3.  Factory need to provide a sufficient temperature water to Pulper, to reduce the load of pulping system, and ensure better crushing effect.

1. At fixed temperature conditions, pulp concentrations ranging from 3% to 8% has no effect on pulping time.
2. Completely pulping fiber under high consistency can greatly reduce power consumption (to maintain high concentration pulping as much as possible, good circulation is the decisive factor to increase concentration and reduce pulping cost ).
3. Design concentration of Pulper is 5- 8%, but the appropriate concentration is 6-6.5%.