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High Quality Fiber Separator Price

Fiber Separator for Waste Paper Pulp Processing


Advanced fiber separator machines and technology can effectively break and screen waste paper pulp. Leizhan have the proved fiber separating technologies and solutions for effective breaking and screening of waste paper pulp and preferred by many customers.

Application of fiber separator

High quality fiber separating machines ZDFD series single-effect fiber separator and ZDF series single fiber separator are used for secondary breaking and screening of waste paper pulp in paper pulp industry, meanwhile separating the light and heavy contaminates from the hydrapulper to produce high quality pulp.

Fiber separator equipment price

Leizhan defibrator equipments has high performance with low price. It can highly improve the pulp quality and providing fine pulp for the paper machine and has the advantages of reasonable structure, high defibering efficiency, low energy consumption, long service life, etc.

single-effect-fiber-separator   single-fiber-separator