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Waste Paper Board Processing Plant

Waste Paper Board Processing Plant

Fine paper can be made by recycling waste paper board. Use waste paper as raw material, Leizhan can give solutions and produce suitable equipment for paper plant to produce packaging paper, kraft paper board, corrugated paper board, etc. The finished paper can be produced into a grade similar or lower quality than the original.

Waste paper board processing for fine pulp making

Pulping: Waste papers are conveyed by Chain conveyor into the Hydrapulper like Drum pulper, D type hydrapulper  for pulping.

Cleaning: Pulp will be conveyed into Pulp cleaner for removing heavy impurities in paper pulp.

Screening: Use a series of Pulp screening machine like Pressure screen, Vibrating screen, Reject separator, etc. to remove oversized, troublesome and unwanted particles from good paper making fibers.

Paper making machine supplier

Leizhan can supply the high quality paper making machine like kraft paper machine, corrugated paper machine, tissue paper machine, coating board paper machine, culture paper machine according to our customer’s needs.