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Paper Machine Dryer Section Function


After the paper is pressed, the dryness of the paper is about 40%. In the new pressing, can up to 50%. The residual moisture must be evaporated in the dryer section of the paper machine.

What’s Paper Machine Dryer Section Function?

In paper making process, paper machine dryer section function is mainly to remove moisture from the pressed paper sheet, increasing paper strength, smoothness and completing paper sizing effect.

Drying at the beginning, the fibers can slide freely with each other. After removing the free water, the surface tension of the water begins to pull the fibers together. When paper dryness is less than 40%, the fiber bonding is not obvious. Once the dryness reaches a critical value, the paper contraction begins to produce hydrogen bonding.

When the dryness of paper reaches more than 55%, with the decrease of moisture content, or with the increase of dryness, various strengths of the paper based on the hydrogen bonding force, such as tensile strength, bursting strength rapidly growth.