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450T/D High Strength Corrugated Paper Project, Jiangxi, China


In August, 2017, the pulping equipment is sucessfully delivered by Leizhan for 450t/d high strength corrugated paper project, Jiangxi, China. The pulping equipment consist of light impurity separator, high density cleaner, drum pulper drive device and feed hopper, etc.

Corrugated Paper Pulping Process

Firstly, the raw material is conveyed into drum pulper for continuous pulping, secondly the high density cleaner to remove heavy impurities in the pulp, thirdly, the pulp go into screen stage, m.c. pressure screen for pulp coarse screening, and the light impurity separator to deal with the light impurities, follwing reject separator to separate the impurities from the pulp, then the pulp will go into fine screen section, after fine screening, the refiner equipment for further pulping, finally the pulp go through the pre-machine screen equipment for paper making.

Customer Information

Customer: Jiangxi Paper Mill, China

Time: August, 2017

Project: 450T/D High Strength Corrugated Paper Project