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What Failures Occur In Your Paper Equipment?


For paper making plant, equipment maintenance is the basic condition for ensuring the normal production of paper mills, and it is also a key point in equipment maintenance management. In general, paper machine downtime is divided into two categories. One is the inherent failure of production, and the other is the equipment failure of paper machine.

Reasons For Intrinsic Downtime Of Production

1. In the process of using wet water filtration and dewatering components, the function will decline, and the dewatering and filtering water can not meet the initial effect; there is also the replacement of the main process equipment.

2. The press rubber roller and the stone roller are worn by the paper and the scraper, and the height of the roller surface changes, which affects the product quality.

3. Some components have a shorter life and the frequency of replacement parts is relatively high. There are many differences between the fault cycle and the repair time occupied, and the management is difficult.

In the process of paper making, Paper Making Equipment should be taken carefully, on account of it can directly affect paper quality and production capacity. Leizhan prepares various kinds of paper equipments for paper mill, welcome to consult us for machine details: