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Pulp Bleaching Tower System

Pulp Bleaching Tower System

Pulp leaving the digester wash unit retains a dark brown color due to residual lignin content that must often be bleached out. Bleach plants whiten pulp through three to five stages of bleaching and water washing. Typically, two pairs of chlorine dioxide and caustic extraction towers are followed by pulp washing stages.

Leizhan high-consistency bleaching systems used in paper pulp processing line, provides maximum brightness, improved newsprint, and bleached board grades.

Leizhan provides the optimum bleaching system for specific needs: from a simple peroxide stage to a three-stage system (including dithionite) for brightness levels above 85% ISO. All bleaching systems include the most efficient washing equipment for providing clean pulp to the paper machine.

Leizhan Pulp bleaching systems are applied for:

1. Mechanical pulp for magazine grades
2. Mechanical pulp for LPB liquid packaging board
3. Brighter board or paper contributes to market value