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Paper Sheet Transfer In Paper Making Process


Paper sheet transfer is inevitable in paper making process. Certainly, the wet paper sheet transfer closely concerns the finished paper quality. There are some notes about paper sheet transfer.

Paper Sheet Transfer Notes

1. When the paper machine is running at high speed, the paper sheet support is very important, and the paper sheet transfer is conveyed with the aid of the stabilizer.

2. After the paper sheet leaves the press section, under the effect of PR blow box, the paper sheet posts on the dryer felt. Paper sheet transfer between all groups is closed. The vacuum roll below the dryer cylinder, is to absorb the paper sheet by negative pressure.

3. The vacuum roll with groove, so even in the case of vacuum roller suction air is minimum, its support and adsorption effect is also relatively stable.

4. The blow box is a non-contact seal, which improves the suction effect of the vacuum roll, ensuring that the paper sheet is attached to the dryer felt in dryer cylinder.